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MYEV has the technology, audience, expertise, and know-how to help you sell electric vehicles. All the missing pieces. Become a MYEV Dealer

We know there’s an educational component to selling electric vehicles. That’s what we’re here to solve and ultimately pass onto you.

We have a dedicated staff of electric vehicle experts on standby ready to guide your customers through the buying process and answer any EV-related questions.

What does that mean for you?

It means you will have highly educated and informed customers walking into your store. Our partners say our leads are easier to work with and are three times more likely to close than a traditional third party lead.

MYEV is the only marketplace dedicated specifically to electric vehicles.

We are the only site that educates the shopper on tax incentives, buying advice, charging information, and electric vehicle specifications.

Being in this small but growing niche allows us to curate a very special audience with a very unique interest in electric vehicles. We also work very closely with our partner and sister site

Gain a unique advantage over your competitors with us on your side and take advantage of our extensive knowledge and EV-specific marketing abilities.

Let us worry about educating so you can focus on selling.

We work directly with you and your inventory provider for easy setup. Our technology filters out EVs automatically so that’s one less step for you or your provider to worry about.

We can integrate directly with your CRM and native sales process. There is nothing new for your sales team to learn!

Robust reporting allows you to see how often your vehicles are being searched and even viewed. Use our reporting to let the market speak to you and adjust pricing to be more competitive.

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