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Owning and operating an Electric Vehicle has a lot of appeal:

While you may be considering an Electric Vehicle, you may be concerned about its range and that’s okay. It’s a valid concern that many people share, however, it’s not as scary as you might think! The battery range of an EV (Electric Vehicle) indicates how far one can travel before it’s time to recharge. It’s fair to draw a comparison to something that is familiar to us all, our mobile phones. The manner in which you’d plug in and charge your phone at night is how simple it could be to charge your EV. You may have noticed charging stations are not as prevalent as your typical gas station, and there’s a reason why! Here at MYEV, we want to arm you with the necessary knowledge and fundamental EV ownership information to help overcome any concerns surrounding EV ownership. You will soon understand why a charging station may not be present on every corner, and this is why we stress that RANGE ANXIETY SHOULDN’T BE A THING!

Here are a few important facts to better understand EV battery range:

What is your typical commute on a daily basis?

Per the Brookings Institute survey conducted in 2015, most Americans commute no more than 10-30 miles per day, round trip. According to a recent AAA survey, the average American commutes just 30 miles on weekdays, including non-commute driving. This amount of daily driving can be handled even by first-generation compact EVs, available for under $10,000 on the pre-owned market. Of course this figure can vary depending on your situation, however with modern EVs easily exceeding 100+ miles on a single charge (some even as far as 200+), running out of juice on your way home should be an afterthought. The ability to charge your EV overnight is clean, convenient, and much more cost effective. Simply plug in your car as you would your cellphone and wake up to your fully-charged EV and get ready for the day ahead! A level 2 charger in your home can even speed up the process!

How often do you take road trips?

On average, most Americans take between 3 to 7 road trips per year. Many companies are adding the necessary infrastructure to add additional charging stations and facilitate the growing trend of EVs as the automotive industry is shifting towards greener power. Taking road trips are becoming easier, cleaner, and a lot more fun! Take a look at our charging station map and you’ll see that there are dozens, if not hundreds of charging stations between your home and destination! We’d be surprised if there weren’t as many charging stations as there are gas stations in just a few years!

How easy is it to install a charger at home?

Whether you are a homeowner or tenant, installing a charger at your place of residence is probably a lot easier than you may think! In fact, there are multiple home charging options available. A quick consultation with your local electrician can get you set up and ready to go in under a few hours without putting a dent in your pocket! The long-term savings alone are more than worth it. You may call your own Electrician or use one of MYEV’s network of reputable electricians. Give us a call at any time and we’ll help you out the best that we can!

What charger will I need to charge my vehicle?

There are a variety of chargers out there in the market today, but the most common is still the SAE J1772. The SAE J1772, also known as a ‘J Plug’ is the North American standard for electric vehicles maintained by the SAE International. The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) wanted to set a standard that covered the physical, electrical, communication, and performance requirements for EVs. This standard can power every single electric vehicle on the market, however, certain vehicles may have a different charge ports in which case you may need an adapter.


We display the battery range and capacity for every vehicle listing

We recognize that EVs have a wide range of battery sizes and different draws on power. Since we’re EV geeks, we decided to do all of the vital calculations and display them on every single listing so you don’t have to. Our team has been hard at work collecting and calculating all of the necessary data to show you important information, such as:

  • Daily cost to charge your EV at home

  • Average monthly cost to charge at home

  • Time it takes to charge with different charging plugs and adapters


Range 259 Mi
Battary size 75 kWh
Quickest Full Charge 4h
Cost to charge (full) $8
Monthly charge cost $45

A dynamic map of destination chargers near you

We’ve established that some EVs have different charging ports than others. Therefore, we put together a dynamic map which can display different destination charging stations for each specific EV. So whether you’re shopping for an Electric Ford Focus or an awesome new Tesla, you can rest assured the destination charging options around you are very relevant to your vehicle of interest. You can go as far as inputting a custom address or zip code to see what’s around your office or vacation home!

Destination Charging

Multiple home charging options

We wanted to make sure all of your questions have been answered. For this reason, we’ve done all of the necessary research on your home charging options so that you can focus on obtaining your dream vehicle. Our vehicle listings display three relevant charging options for you; we’ll show you how fast each option is, what equipment you might need, and the approximate cost of each installation. Of course this figure can vary depending on the complexity of the project, but it’s a good starting point!

Home charging Options

NEMA 5-15

Full charge in 20h+

Labor $0 | Parts $0

NEMA 14-50

Full charge in 8h

Labor $0-100 | Parts $150-300

Wall connector

Full charge in 4h

Labor $300-600 | Parts from $379

The MYEV Promise

Buying your first EV might seem confusing at first, but rest assured we are here to help you. Send us any questions, comments, and concerns you may have and we’ll do our best to answer. Sharing our passion and knowledge of EVs IS our passion. We want to build a community FAQ, so any questions you have may show up in our Knowledge Base. Don’t be afraid to ask! Your questions may help others!

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