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Frequently Covered Items

X-Care covers each item unless specifically excluded. We want you to enjoy and relax.

Control Unit (MCU)




Internal Charger


HVAC System


Driving Sensors


Doors Handles/
Falcon Wing Doors






Included Benefits

X-Care provides all kinds of advantages for drivers. We keep in mind all of your needs.

24-Hour Roadside


Rental Cars

Trip Interruption

Rideshare / Livery Use

Backed by 'A' rated
insurance company

30 Day Money Back

Accepted by any ASE licensed
mechanic or Tesla Service Center


Can I immediately use the X-Care EV Protection once purchased?

Once the coverage plan is purchased, you must wait 30 days and 1,000 miles (from initial purchase date and mileage) until it turns on. You are also able to get a 100% refund if you choose to back out of your contract during this time. If you just purchased your Tesla through a dealer or private party, please work on getting your ownership transfer completed through Tesla Service by emailing When we call on your behalf, its imperative that they that you own your vehicle.

What is the difference between a “Service Contract” and an “Extended Warranty”?

An “extended warranty” is an extension to your existing manufacturers warranty. Our “Vehicle Service Contract” is a protection plan for your electric vehicle. We strived to match the coverage as close to the original manufacturers warranty as possible (with the exception of the battery and drivetrain which typically falls under a separate warranty)

Can anyone purchase X-Care EV Protection?

Yes, so long as you own an electric vehicle that qualifies. Whether you bought your car from the manufacturer, dealer, or private individual – you are able to get X- Care for your EV.

What parts are covered by X-Care EV Protection?

X-Care EV Protection is an exclusionary service contract. This means we will cover the entire vehicle with the exception of the excluded items that are listed under clause IX of the terms and conditions. We have strived to make X-Care cover most (if not all) the parts that would be covered by your original manufacturers warranty.

When I have an issue with my vehicle, where do I take it?

If you own a Tesla, please call us at 1-877-302-1715, state your vehicle issue, and we will follow up with Tesla service on your behalf. From there, please schedule via your Tesla Application. For any other electric vehicle, please take your vehicle to any ASE certified mechanic and present him your contract or policy number to start your claim.

How are repair claims paid?

For Tesla Owners, once the service center is completed with your work, provide our phone number 877-302-1715 to your service advisor for payment and we will take it from there. For all other EV’s, the claims number is 877-414-0134

Why buy an extended service program if I am still under manufacturer warranty?

Great question. It typically comes out to be cheaper to purchase X-Care as early as you can. If you sell or trade-in your vehicle, X-Care is transferrable to any new owner or you can request a pro rata refund.

Is X-Care transferrable if I sell my EV?

Yes! X-Care protection plan be transferred to any new owner. If traded-in to a dealer, a pro-rated refund can be provided.

How is X-Care EV Protection different than my auto insurance policy?

Typically speaking, auto insurance covers collision or accidental damage to your vehicle. X-Care will cover various mechanical and electronic components that may fault during ownership and require replacement.

If I buy X-Care before my factory warranty is up, does that affect my current warranty and am I paying more to do so?

No, it does not affect your current factory warranty in any way. The X-Care claims process can be used once your original factory warranty is expired.

During my service appointment, how will I get around if I need my vehicle?

In some cases, your service center may provide you with a loaner. If they do not, X-Care will cover up to a maximum of $40 per day and a maximum of $200 for each repair visit. Substitute Transportation can be read under B.1 under the term agreement.

How is X-Care EV Protection different than the X-Care I purchased through my dealer?

No difference. Whether you purchased X-Care directly from us or purchased it from a dealer that sold you the protection plan with your electric vehicle, the coverage and process will be the same. We also allow dealers to package X-Care for the electric vehicles inventory they sell.

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