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Auto Loans & Finance

Simplified Auto Loans & Finance Solutions

Auto Loans

Looking for the best auto loan rates for your next car? Xcelerate has got them! You can get started by requesting more information and a financing expert will be in touch to discuss next steps and a credit application.


Auto Loans

Whether you’re thinking about financing your next ride under your business or several commercial vehicles, Xcelerate has highly competitive loan options for you. Get started by requesting more information and a loan expert will be in touch.


Smart Equipment Financing for Forward-Thinking Companies

While Xcelerate has always helped companies obtain the most competitive loans for commercial vehicles, fleets, upfitting, and equipment – they are also one of less than a handful of auto finance companies in the U.S. that specializes in financing sustainable commercial transportation (including the new Tesla Semi).

Discover for yourself why more of the nation’s largest, most progressive companies choose Xcelerate for their commercial equipment and auto loans.


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Auto Loan & Finance FAQ

What loan terms and options does Xcelerate offer?

A vast majority of the loan terms we offer buyers range can be as short as 12 months to as long as 72 months.

Multiple financing options are available for new and used vehicle purchases, whether it’s for your personal use, business use or a fleet of commercial vehicles.

Does Xcelerate offer refinancing options for my existing auto loan?

Absolutely. The process for refinancing your existing loan is similar to our initial financing steps…it all starts by contacting us and filling us in on what loan payment you’re looking for.

Do I need perfect credit to obtain a loan through Xcelerate?

While you don’t need perfect credit to obtain an auto loan, your credit score does impact the rates available for the loan. Much like any other type of loan, the better your credit score, the better your rates will be and the more options there will be available to you.

Regardless of whether your credit score is great or just fair, by comparison, you’ll find our rates to be the most competitive on the market today.

Will manufacturer incentives or rebates transfer to my loan?

Yes! If you’re financing a new vehicle or fleet of vehicles in which the manufacturer offers incentives, they will transfer to your loan through Xcelerate — potential exceptions being manufacturer incentives that are contingent upon financing directly through the manufacturer.

If you’re curious about specific incentives or rebates being applicable to your auto loan, just ask us and we’ll be happy to find the answers for you.

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