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Search the only dedicated ev marketplace and see why millions are switching to electric

Why switch to electric?

Go electric
and save money

The average EV owner saves over $1,400 per year on fuel and maintenance alone. Depending on where you live, you may qualify for cash incentives and perks you didn’t know about. See why millions are

You can drive 300+ miles in some models, they’re generally safer, reduce your carbon footprint, & you don’t need a garage to own one! Electric just

Electric means

Why do people love myev?

We’re here to help
for free

We know EVs can be confusing & we want to change that. We’d be happy to answer any EV related questions you may have, help you find the perfect car, and even get you a great deal! Give us a try and

Shopping is easy
and stress free

See details & specs including time to charge & cost to charge based on your location. We show you the best deals, can help arrange shipping, financing, and even an EV warranty. Start your

Electric vehicles
are our passion

MYEV was created because we believe electric is the future. We’re passionate enthusiasts who are working towards a sustainable future and we’d like to educate the world on the benefits of EV ownership. That’s why we’d love to

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Buying an electric vehicle doesn’t have to be so difficult

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Let us help educate you on the benefits of electric vehicle ownership. We expect nothing in return, we’re just happy to help and do our part.

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